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CitPuck Tryouts Update


Thank you to everyone for their interested in the Citadel Boys Hockey team.  We have an unpresidented level of interest in this year's tryouts.  It is encouraging for the year ahead and the overall interest in the boys hockey program.

The following players are invted back for Phase 2 of the Citadel Boys Hockey Tryouts.

First Name Last Name
Ben Bishop
Brady Bishop
DJ (David) Chan
Drew Clothier
Bryden Clow
Mac Comber
Christopher Dauphinee
Daniel Fallows
Reid Gillis
Cohen Haines
Ryan Kinsman
Leaf Korthals
Nathan LeBlanc
Ethan Legere
Tyler Lirette
Owen Lytle
Michael Makropoulos
Paul Maloney
Callum McCrossin
Glenn McFetridge
Finn Merritt
AJ Metlej
Callum Milne
Zack Moffitt
Angus Moore
Will Murphy
Andrew Murray
Graeme O'Brien
Sam Payne
Brandon Powell
Tyler Powell
Henry Stanhope
Patrick Villeneuve
Louis Wallworth

Anyone not on this list will have their second cheque destroyed.

We wish those not on this list a successful year in school and hockey and hope to see you again next year at tryouts.

Please check back after the Saturday session, we may trim the roster prior to the final session.  

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