Playoff Rules


Playoff Format


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Playoff Rules


·       Higher ranked team will be given 2 Home games where they will be designated the Home Team.

·       Teams using ice from another venue must pay the team whose ice they are using.  It is possible that you are playing in your own venue but are NOT the Home Team.

·       The designated Home team is responsible for paying officials, security and minor officials even if it is not your home rink. This will mean the designated Home teams will have to communicate with teams whose ice they are using in regards to minor officials and security.

·       You cannot improve your standing by defeating a higher ranked team going into the next round.


Game Procedure for Playoffs - All games MUST have a winner.


a)     Warm up is 7 minutes in length. Pucks supplied by Home team.

b)     All periods are 15 minutes in length with flood at start of game and between 2nd and 3rd.  NSSAF regulation.

c)      If game is tied at the end of regulation, then Overtime/Shootout is to take place.

d)     If due to time constrains at the arena an Overtime period cannot be played then you are to go to the Shootout procedure immediately. *

e)     There is no mercy rule.


  • Please have a conversation with your arena regarding going over your allotted ice time for a playoff game.




“Sudden Death” overtime period will only be used if time permits.  If there is not enough time to play the “Sudden Death” overtime period plus a shootout then the game goes directly to a Shootout to determine the winner…


If there is enough time to play Overtime, then teams will play 3v3 for 5 minutes after a one-minute break.  Do not change ends. If the game remains tied after the 3v3 then there will be a Shootout.

** Teams need to speak with their arena personal regarding games possibly going beyond the 2 hr. 


IF you cannot get the Overtime 3v3 played due to ice time running out then you are to go to a SHOOTOUT immediately.  A winner needs to be declared at the end of each game.

Penalties during the overtime: the non-offending team will add a player either creating a 4v3 or 5v3 depending on the number of penalties.  If the player returns to the ice during play, then it will remain 4v4 until the first stoppage in play.


NOTE:  The game MUST be completed.  The use of the OT is only if there is plenty of time remaining.  I suggest a minimum of 20 minutes.  This would allow for the OT plus the Shootout if necessary.  As we all know some unforeseen incident could happen where the game is delayed, or the shootout could go through 10-15 skaters.


Shootout Procedure


Coaches will submit 3 names to the referee in order of their shooting position. The team with the most goals after the group of 3 shooters is completed is declared the winner. If there is still no winner then it is “Sudden Death” which means if one team scores and the other does not the game is over with the scoring team declared the winner. The Home team will decide which team shoots first.


Clarification after initial 3 shooters in the Shootout.

Each team will go one for one in the subsequent rounds (Sudden Death) to determine the winner.  The team that scores a goal wins and the other team not scoring will be the losing team. For the “Sudden Death” rounds, different players from the original 3 must be chosen and this format continues until all players from the team with the least number of players (non-goalies) on the game sheet have had an opportunity to shoot. Goaltenders cannot shoot.  You can rotate goalies for each shooter.


Shooters cannot repeat in the shootout until all listed players on the game sheet for the team with the least number of players have had an opportunity to shoot. Players removed from the game for injury/infractions (misconduct, Gross misconducts, or any Match or Major offence) cannot participate in the shootout and would not be counted in the “least number” of players figure.


Tie Breaking Procedure


NSSAF Procedure:

If two or more teams are tied in points after pool play:

NEW for 2014.


5) Hockey Tie Break Procedures:

Regulation 25.15

Ties During Pool Play  

After pool play, if two or more teams are tied in points, the following tiebreaker will be used step by step until there is a determined order. At any step when two teams remained tied, the head-to-head competition will be used:    

  • Total points earned in games amongst the tied teams.
  • Most regulation wins in games amongst the tied teams.
  • Most OT/shootout wins in games amongst the tied teams.
  • Goal differential in games between the tied teams (goals for less goals against).
  • If still tied, repeat steps 1 to 4 but include the record of all the teams in the pool, not just the tied teams.
  • If still tied, the higher standings will be determined on the ratio of goals for, to goals against to three (3) decimal places (goals for divided by goals against). In calculating this ratio only the records of the teams tied against each other shall be considered.
  • Fewest goals-against in games between the tied teams.
  • Fewest goals-against in all games.
  • Most goals-for in games between the tied teams.
  • Most goals-for in all games.
  • Fewest penalty minutes.


The tie breakers establish the standings in the round robin


NEW:  Teams that are tied at the end of regulation time in Round Robin play will receive 1 point each.  The winner in overtime/shootout will get the extra point.  This will be in pool play standings.  Each game is worth 3 points for a regulation win.