COVID Contact Tracing


Metro High School Hockey League

COVID-19 Contact Tracing Procedures


  1. Each team will have a safety rep who is responsible for maintaining records and organizing the door at home games.
  2. The visiting team will fill out their Team Record Sheet with all of their coaches, players and parents the day before the game.
  3. The visiting team will email their completed form to the home team’s safety rep no later than 8:00am on the day of the game. If you don’t know all of the information, you can leave blanks on the sheet. Those can be filled in at the door right before the game. For example, if Johnny doesn’t know if his mom or dad are coming to watch, you can leave the parent spot blank and whoever shows up for the game will fill in their info at the door.
  4. The home team safety rep will print off the visiting team’s record sheet and will also have their own record sheet printed and filled in at the door 15 minutes before the game.
  5. The home team will have a blank copy of the Officials Record Sheet printed and a laminated copy of the COVID screening questions at the door.
  6. As parents enter, the home team rep will check off the attendance on the sheets and add any parents who were left blank.
  7. Home team safety rep will hold on to the record sheets in a safe place and will provide them to the rink if they are required to do so.
  8. The safety rep and the security person on duty will ensure that the rink is secure from outside spectators entering and will do their best to ensure that parents are following the rules such as wearing masks. Any spectators who refuse to cooperate should be reported to the school principal and athletic directors.
  9. Immediately following the game, all spectators will exit the building. This is necessary as the next group is not allowed to enter until everyone has vacated the stands.